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Skiing is rightly known as “the people’s sport” for Austrians. The whole world believes that little Austrian boys and girls are already born with skis on their feet. But in fact, it is just as difficult for Austrian’s to learn as for everybody else. It brings us total joy to show and teach you this beautiful winter sport. We will show you what you need to be successful in this sport and what you should pay most attention to. Our ski instructors will introduce you to the many aspects of skiing, guaranteeing that your stay in the Kitzbühel Alps will be an absolutely unforgettable one.

Carving is the term used for skiing with your skis at more of a slant. With appropriate equipment and the right technique, you will be able to fly down the groomed pistes and truly feel the “rush” of speed and centrifugal force. In the Kitzbühel Alps, there are plenty of lifts and safe hills available to ensure that boredom is never a factor.

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